Poem: for red

through these silent streets i’ve run,
my love, all these songs i’ve sung,
a phoenix aflame, sword in hand,
a devil in red, all these enemies
i slew in your voice, this city
crumbling, its canker took you
& my heart so long ago & this flickering
empty stage, a ghost of me, these lips
which were meant for so much more,
i think i lost my soul the night
i pulled the sword out of stone,
this home dead & avenged,
by my blood, by my hand-
oh, i fought all the demons
within me & i have lost to win,
& here you are my love, at last,
a name in my throat, a song
i cannot sing.
-for red
So earlier this year, I got the chance to play a lovely indie role-playing game called “Transistor”, so here’s a little poem inspired by the badass main character and her talking boyfriend/sword.

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