scripts & game writing


Scriptwriter, Dramaturge, Actor in Yerma (a play by Federico Garcia Lorca), directed by Dr. Ananda Lal: An adaptation by the students of Jadavpur University Department of English that premiered in the G.D Birla Shabhaghar Theatre Festival, 2016.

As part of my “Drama in Practice” course, I was in charge of creating the final script, after reviewing and adapting the different Spanish-to-English translations of the play, along with assisting backstage and had a minor acting role.

Since high school, I’ve also written plays which were performed onstage in annual functions and local fests, and have been associated with local theatre groups on a freelance basis.

Samples of my plays and scripts are available upon request.

Game Design and Writing

I have come up with several card and tabletop roleplaying games and designed D&D campaigns which I play-tested with friends. I have also written interactive fiction.

Samples may be mailed upon request.

Please write to for queries.