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I’ve extensive experience in academic writing and peer-reviewing critical essays. Apart from writing research papers, as part of my coursework at Jadavpur University, I’ve also participated and presented papers at several conferences and seminars.


  • Mental Illness, Creativity and Societal Repression: The Sylvia Plath Syndrome at the Debabrata Mukherjee Memorial Annual Students’ Seminar (Jadavpur University, 2016)
  • Brotherhod of the Boat: Gender Through the Lens of Calypso and Chutney at the National Students’ Conference on “Cross-cultural Encounters and Negotiations: Place, Space and Identity” (Jadavpur University, 2016) [co-authored with Ekabali Ghosh]
  • No Island for Old Men: Ageism in Anthony Trollope’s The Fixed Period at the National Conference on Ageing, Ageism and Cultures (Jadavpur University, 2017)
  • Sylvia Plath and Taylor Swift: The Politics Of Reputation, Celebrity Culture and the Risen Women at the International Seminar on Politics of Representation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Sikkim University, 2017) [co-authored with Pratyasha Basu]
  • Magic, Ritual and Female Agency: The Construction of ‘The Witch’ In Three Film Adaptations of Macbeth at 401 years after Shakespeare: Shifting Paradigms from the Shakespearean Human to the Post-human (Heritage College, 2017)
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Trickster Figures as Heroes, Villains and Anti-Heroes at the Debabrata Mukherjee Memorial Annual Students’ Seminar (Jadavpur University, 2018)
  • Patriarchy and His (Un)natural Creations: A Study of Monstrosity And Masculinity in Jessica Jones at Workshops of Horrible Creation: 200 Years of Imagined Humans- International Conference and Workshop on Science Fiction (Jadavpur University, 2018) [co-authored with Madhubrata Bhattacharya]
  • Puzzles, Mysteries and Mistaken Identities: The Gamification of ‘Memory’ in Memento (2001), To The Moon (2011) and Captain Marvel (2019) at the Debabrata Mukherjee Memorial Annual Students’ Seminar (Jadavpur University, 2019)

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