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Tarot Readings with Archita

I’ve always been fascinated with magic, witchcraft and fortune-telling. I received my first Tarot deck in high school, and since then, I’ve read the fortunes for my friends, family and clients.

I personally feel that the Tarot is a lot less about fortune-telling and making accurate predictions, and more about having a conversation with the universe (or an imaginary friend) who has your best interests at heart.

Here are the following types of readings I provide, at very nominal rates:

  • Specialized Readings using 3-6 cards for guidance/advice on a particular issue
  • Yes/No Readings, with some advice/guidance, using 3-6 cards
  • General Readings using 3-12 cards (customizable) for love, health, career, family and future
  • Personalized “Life” Readings, using 3-6 cards
  • An overview of the upcoming 6 or 12 months
  • A simple Past/Present/Future Reading, using 3 cards (for those unfamiliar with the Tarot or just want to try it out)
For readings, I usually use the Raider Waite (pictured above) or the Thoth Tarot decks.

I can do the readings via phone/video call, or email it to you. Please use the form below or mail me at architamittra1996@gmail.com with a brief description of the issue you want to ask about and the type of reading you would like, and I’ll get back to you, with a suitable appointment date and my rates. 

However, I cannot contact the dead, provide medical diagnoses or make exact date/time predictions.


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