work experience

Previous & Present Work Experience:

Content Writing, Journalism Experience
Freelance Academic, Technical, Content and Copywriter for various companies and online clients from 2015-present
Freelance Book Blogger/Reviewer from 2016-present
Freelance Journalist fro 2015-present
Ghostwriter at New York Film Academy from December 2016-November 2017
Staff Writer at Lifehack from June 2016-February 2017
Journalist at Blasting News from August 2016-present
Elite Plus writer at with a 5 star rating  from May 2015-2016
Writer at Calcutta Cacophony from 2015-2016
Coordinator/Student Journalist at Voices(The Statesman) from 2013-2016

Editorial Experience:
-Poetry Editor
at Quail Bell Magazine from 2016-present
-Prose Editor
at Inklette from October 2016-present
Assistant Blog Editor at Open Road Review from January- February 2017
Prose Reader at Sprout Magazine  from 2015-2016
Poetry Editor at Moledro Magazine from March 2016-2017
Junior Editor at Siblini Art and Literature Journal from May 2016-December 2016.
Staff Writer and Assistant Editor at Quail Bell Magazine from 2014-present

Design Experience
Freelance Graphic Designer from 2015-present
Illustrator for Quail Bell Magazine from 2015-present

Social Media Marketing Intern at Kolkata Bloggers for the Kolkata International Book Fair from January-March 2017
Journalism Intern at The Statesman from June-July 2016
Content Creation and Readership Intern at Winter Tangerine Review from April- June 2016
Journalism Intern at Eye Art Collective from December 2015-March 2016
Editorial and Social Media Intern at Quail Bell Magazine from December 2015-present
Travel Writing Intern at Myoki from December 2015-January 2016
-Editorial Intern at Inklette Magazine from November 2015-July 2016

Teaching Experience
-Freelance English Teacher
from 2017-present

Volunteer and Social Work Experience:
-Worked as an independent volunteer, teaching kids at shelter homes.
-Taught underprivileged kids (classes 6-8) English Language and Literarure, as part of a campus initiative

Marketing, PR & Event Management Experience
-Part of a core team that plans, manages and co-hosts “VIBES”, a highly popular inter-school fest( a Statesman initiative)
-Raised funds to save the environment by selling cloth bags as part of a course by ICCE
-Organized a campaign to collect storybooks and textbooks for the library of an NGO-run school
-Extensively promoted events and campaigns on social media
-Managed Facebook pages for various magazines/organisations



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