Work Experience

Previous & Present Work Experience:

Content Writing, Journalism
Staff Writer at Lifehack from June 2016-present
Journalist at Blasting News from August 2016-present
Elite Plus writer at with a 5 star rating  from May 2015-present
Freelance academic, technical, content and copywriter for various companies and online clients from 2015-present
Writer at Calcutta Cacophony from 2015-2016
Coordinator/Student Journalist at Voices(The Statesman) from 2013-2015

Prose Reader at Sprout Magazine  from October 2015-present
Poetry Editor at Moledro Magazine from March 2016-present
Junior Editor at Siblini Art and Literature Journal from May 2016-present
Prose Editor at Inklette from October 2016-present
Assistant Editor at Quail Bell Magazine from August 2016-present
Staff Writer at Quail Bell Magazine( articles, poetry, photography) from 2014-present

Freelance Graphic Designer from 2015-present


Editorial Intern at Open Road Review from August 2016-present

Journalism Intern at The Statesman from June-July 2016 (attend press conferences, write news articles, edit and proof-read articles, help in organizing and coordinating inter-school fest Vibes)

Content Creation and Readership Intern at Winter Tangerine Review from April- June 2016 (conduct interviews, come up with engaging content, solicit submissions, read 15 submissions per week)

Journalism Intern at Eye Art Collective from December 2015-March 2016
(writing reports of local and as well as international news, writing well research in-depth features and reviews, searching the internet for suitable copyleft articles, social media promotion, coordinate with editorial team, conduct interviews)

Editorial and Social Media Intern at Quail Bell Magazine from December 2015-present
(writing articles and poetry, occasionally providing illustrative photography, formatting pieces for publication, social media promotion)

Travel Writing Intern at Myoki from December 2015-January 2016
(generate creative travel write-ups on places and properties for travel portal)

-Editorial Intern at Inklette Magazine from November 2015-July 2016
(coordinate editorial rounds, social media promotion, work on blog pieces, design pdf version of issue 2)

Volunteer and Social Work Experience:
-Volunteer at CRY
-Teaching underprivileged kids (classes 6-8) English Language and Literarure, as part of a campus initiative

Marketing, PR & Event Management Experience
-Part of a core team that plans, manages and co-hosts “VIBES”, a highly popular inter-school fest( a Statesman initiative)
-Raised funds to save the environment by selling cloth bags as part of a course by ICCE
-Organized a campaign to collect storybooks and textbooks for the library of an NGO-run school
-Promoted events and campaigns on social media
-Managed Facebook pages for various magazines




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