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As a full-time freelancer, I rely heavily on the support and goodwill of my family, friends and well-wishers, to continue my work.

Although writing stories and making art are my chief passions, I’ve worked a number of odd jobs over the years to make ends meet while being enrolled in degree programs and completing coursework. From event management, teaching kids, tarot card readings, covering local news, editing manuscripts from first-time authors and readying them for publication, and doing an insane amount of ghostwriting for different companies at very nominal rates, the journey hasn’t been very smooth.

As a queer woman writer and artist, from Kolkata (India), I’ve had my fair share of hardships and trauma. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the collapse of the healthcare system in my country, life became more hectic, precarious, and laden with anxiety, as it did for countless others.

Supporting me, financially or otherwise, will help cover my family’s medical expenses, contribute to a higher education fund, and provide me with time and security to focus on my creative projects.

If you’ve liked my work, here are some ways you can support me:

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