comics, zines & cool projects

I’m a passionate zinester, having participated in and hosted several charity and for-profit zine projects, as a writer, editor, or moderator. I’ve participated in making fanzines, Tarot decks, coloring books, and even a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure inspired by Genshin Impact

Since 2020, I’ve also experimented with comics and have a few professional publications, such as the following:

  • The Dust Dervish”. Fairytales from Mars. Anthology. 2022. [8 pages].
    A volunteer from Earth gets stranded in a Martian dust storm and finds help in the unlikeliest of places.
    A collaboration with artist Jacob Dudek.
  • The Monster Hunter and the Last Dragon.” Magic, Monsters, and Might. Anthology. 2022. [7 pages].
    A story of hope, joyful imagination, resistance, and resilience wherein an embittered old man gets a second chance at life, dragons do not go extinct and the bad guys get their just desserts, told in a high fantasy vein with grace and humor.
    A collaboration with artist Alina Wahab.