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I’ve been working as a freelance writer, journalist, and editor for the last six years or so and I’ve written on nearly every topic under the sun, although I have a soft spot for dissecting pop culture.

Some of the present and past sites I’ve contributed to include The Portalist, ScreenRant, Comic Book Resources (CBR), Thought Catalog, Your Tango, Femestella, Lifehack, Bolde, Cinema Catharsis, Interstellar Flight Magazine, The Statesman, Luna Luna Magazine, FluentU (English Learner and Business English blogs), The Richest, The Things, New York Film Academy, Quail Bell Magazine, Youth Ki Awaaz, Open Road Review, Blasting News, EyeZine and others.

Below are some of my selected publications. If you’re interested in samples of my ghostwritten and other work, please feel free to drop a message at

Reviews: Movies, TV Series, Books

The Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdes| Strange Horizons
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker |Cinema Catharsis
Maleficent 2| Interstellar Flight Magazine
Good Omens |Cinema Catharsis
Avengers: Endgame |Cinema Catharsis
Lucifer Season 4 |Cinema Catharsis
Captain Marvel |Cinema Catharsis
Love, Death & Robots |Cinema Catharsis

Personal Essays

Indie Games and Accessibility: A Personal Odyssey: Finding comfort in gaming as a woman | Interstellar Flight Magazine
Why Do Indians Remain Obsessed With ‘Fair Skin’, Making People Like Me Feel ‘Inadequate’? | Youth Ki Awaaz
How I Turned My Speech Disability Into My Greatest Strength |Youth Ki Awaaz
Tim Burton and the Cult of the White Freaks| Her Culture
“How Did You Learn English?” We’re Sharing Our 7 Successful Techniques to Get Fluent | FluentU
Snapshots (regd: Covid Crisis) | Blue Marble Review

Op-eds & Reportage

Dumbo and the Relevance of Childhood Fantasies: Why We Need To Tell Happy Stories | Interstellar Flight Magazine
Studio Ghibli And Why We Need Positive Narratives About Our World |Cinema Catharsis
What Else is There to Say about the Joker? | Interstellar Flight Magazine
Netflix’s ‘Living Undocumented’ Finally Tackles The Ghastly But True Reality Of Immigration | Femestella
‘Pose’ Star Indya Moore’s Heartbreaking Story Is A Reminder Of All The Things Queer Children Miss Out On | Femestella
Cardi B Celebrated for ‘Bold’ Outfit at Paris Fashion Week — A Look That Would Have Gotten Muslim Parisians Arrested | Femestella
Mindy Kaling and How Hollywood Gaslights Women of Color | Femestella
Selena Gomez’s ‘Lose You to Love Me’ is a Powerful Anthem About Toxic Relationships and Finding Yourself Again| Femestella


10 Gothic Movies You Need To Check Out| Cinema Catharsis
7 Dark Academia Books That Will Enthrall You| The Portalist
The Feminist Starter Pack: 10 Comics To Read| CBR
5 Likeliest (& 5 Unlikeliest) Theories Of How Loki Will Make His Comeback in the Upcoming Loki TV Show| CBR
10 Best Sandman Stories, Ranked| CBR
Harry Potter: The Dungeons & Dragons Alignments Of The Hogwarts Professors| ScreenRant
10 Big Hollywood Movies You Never Knew Have Anime Influences Or Equivalents| ScreenRant
Joker: 10 Moments That Tie The Film To The Batman Universe| ScreenRant
15 Questions We Still Have After Watching Deadpool 2| TheThings
10 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Are Too Ridiculous To Be Real| TheRichest
10 Crazy Luxuries The Rock Gives Himself| TheRichest
50 Empowering Breakup Songs (To Help You Feel Happy It’s Finally Over)| YourTango
I’m Asexual But I’m Still On Tinder| Bolde
7 Doable, Inexpensive & Meaningful Ways to Practice Witchcraft Everyday| Luna Luna Magazine

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