Interview with Graphic Novelist & Artist Orijit Sen

Orijit Sen is widely regarded as one of the most influential names in the comics scene in India. The author of India’s first graphic novel, River Of Stories, a graduate from NID and the co-founder of People’s Tree, Orijit Sen is involved with several exhibition and museum design projects in India, the United Kingdom and Russia.

Mythology of Childhood: Short Story

I. The Barbie dolls are asleep. We switch off the lights in the playroom, shut the antique doors and hurry down the stairs, for dinner. We never look back. Mama and Papa are having an argument. Papa storms off to have dinner alone, with the telly. Mama doesn’t want to eat, so we share the…

#Inktober Doodles: Art

This doodle series was previously published in Quail Bell Magazine. Do tell me what you think!