4 Artsy Computer Games You Must Play

Surreal stuff. No graphics card or PlayStation needed.


6 Books Every Teenager Should Read

The teenage life can be excruciatingly lonely or devastatingly beautiful or both. Here are six books that evocatively capture the highs and lows of teenage love, life and longing. 1. The Catcher In The Rye by J.D.Salinger:  This book crops up in almost every must-read list so often, that the story of the disenchanted Holden…

Top 7 Reasons Why “Kumaon Literary Festival” is the Coolest Lit Fest in India

The Kumaon Literary Festival is one of a kind international festival that celebrates the creative and the magical in this changing world. Named after the picturesque hilly region in Uttarakhand, this year’s litfest is a five-day extravaganza from 11th October to the 15th and features an incredible line-up of speakers including internationally recognized authors, film-makers,…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Book Review

The eighth Harry Potter novel arrived a good nine years later, packaged not as a 600-page fantasy novel that the fans were accustomed to, but as a play; the rehearsal script to be precise. If you’ve missed your letter of acceptance from Hogwarts and thought this was your chance, then you’re in for a disappointment….

What You Don’t Know About Terrorism Will Kill You: Perspective

Terrorism, despite being branded as an international menace, is often misunderstood by civilians. Journalist Archita Mittra, reporting from the United Nations( UN) Conference demystifies some key issues as well as suggests steps to curb such inhuman violence against humanity. Dan Brown in his bestselling thriller ‘Angels and Demons’ raises an important point. The main aim…