Your Ultimate Guide to Reading Fantasy Novels

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6 Books Every Teenager Should Read

The teenage life can be excruciatingly lonely or devastatingly beautiful or both. Here are six books that evocatively capture the highs and lows of teenage love, life and longing. 1. The Catcher In The Rye by J.D.Salinger:  This book crops up in almost every must-read list so often, that the story of the disenchanted Holden…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Book Review

The eighth Harry Potter novel arrived a good nine years later, packaged not as a 600-page fantasy novel that the fans were accustomed to, but as a play; the rehearsal script to be precise. If you’ve missed your letter of acceptance from Hogwarts and thought this was your chance, then you’re in for a disappointment….

9 Reasons Why You Should Read Paper Towns: Pop Culture

Most people recognize John Green thanks to The Fault In Our Stars as a bestselling author of YA fiction. And although, TFIOS does delight and devastate, and is an unforgettably heartbreaking read, I personally feel that John Green’s creativity and storytelling talent is best expressed in the 300-something paged adventure and mystery love story titled…

PAO The Anthology Of Comics: A Review

The PAO Collective is a group of five Delhi-based comic book artists. According to Sarnath Banerjee,“Many in the Indian art world live as tiny puddles of self-styled geniuses.  There are very few forums for introspection, criticism and debate. PAO Collective in one such-a very modern way of practising art.” Thus the anthology, comprising twelve “distinctively”…