Seasonal Poems: winter

season of snow


the grey sun falters
like an old woman;
ravens scatter
from the skeletal trees;
an old woman
hunched over her spinning wheel
to the crackling flames.
outside, the black dead leaves
kiss the ancient snow.
in a parallel life,
a woman dances to death
on a frozen lake,
feathery snowflakes
to her silver hair
(like diamonds or stars)
her moon-kissed skin
and the wolves spying from the shadows
are transfixed.

in her memories,
mitten-less fingers
are tracing a name
on the misty window-sill.

her secret friend,
the snow-man
lies buried
as the wind howls
his death-cry
and shakes the crumbling rafters
of her gingerbread house.

the snow queen’s jewelled sledge
in the faraway dark snow.


in the owl light,
the stricken child
will bring back
a pointed twig(His hand)
and press it against her heart
and the wingless ballerina’s lips
will kiss it(His skin)
as her rubies
from her bleeding, transforming body
in the starlit snow
and the wasted, toothless hag
will throw it( His curse)
into the dying embers
and blame herself, the wind, the wolves, the snow
for everything.


but the snow,
the ancient tainted snow
shall wipe away all footprints
even the wolf’s.

previously published in Quail Bell Magazine 


happy new year, folks! i hope this year is filled with magic & miracles. meanwhile, i promise to write more and update this blog more regularly.


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