to the lover who never wanted me, with retro love

like a love song on the jukebox in the shower, you
sauntering into my dream-entangled world;

sizzling, my heart misimagining polka-dotted fancies;
twisting our barren-desert  bodies to tunes they don’t

play anymore; your fingers whispering, We’ve Only
Just Begun
;my Superstar, the moon is envious; my soul

soaked in Chanel No.5, twirling in a red polka-dotted
black dress; Touch Me When We’re Dancing; your mis-

imagined lullaby voice, next to my ears, crooning dreamily, I
Won’t Last A Day Without You;
breathless, my confession: I

Need To Be In Love; my heart soaring like Top Of The
; swirling like the colours of a lava lamp; do you

remember? your heart, a postcard from a faraway country
i’d always wanted to visit but could never afford the ride

(like love); Only Yesterday; the sky maundering with rain
and falling endlessly on the sidewalk; endlessly my love;

Rainy Days And Mondays
: entangled, in the web of my
nightmares, staring at the goodbye-shaped space

between us, at the ghost of a song longing to be sung;
Karen died last night, i shriek to the icy emptiness of

my sunless, starless garden; Goodbye To Love; your
last letter scrawled all over my disfigured polka-dotted

fancies like graffiti. Yesterday Once More, please? No,
never; a lone transistor on the rain-soaked window sill

stuttering a broken tune  till something switches off.

image source
Previously published in Moledro Magazine



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